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2022 Results

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Day 1
Catalina Classics

What a beautiful day to orienteer in Tucson! The skies could not have been clearer or the temperature more pleasing. Orienteers had been so thoroughly warned about the lethality of the vegetation that few came back damaged after dressing appropriately. Worries about control misplacement on the yellow course proved to be unfounded. 

Youth was well-represented at the event by three large groups. The best-attended day of the biggest annual orienteering event in Arizona courses were set by first-timer Alan Craig and vetted by Jeff Brucker. Alan was complemented extravagantly on his courses as he well deserved to be and is proving to be an extremely important new member of the Tucson Orienteering Club. Sue Wenberg led at least two beginners clinics of two large groups of youths and a few walk-ups. 

Start, registration and greeting were staffed by Kris Beecroft, John Pascal, Heather MacLean, Jeff Brucker and Jeff Brodsky. Registration and finish were staffed by Melissa Trout, Cristina Luis, Jeff Coker, Nancy  Coker, Alan Craig and Catie Cuslidge. Controls were retrieved by Steve Willman, John Beard, Marcy Beard, Ron Birks, Barb Bryant, Elsa Barthel and Julika Funk. Notice how many retrievers were also out-of-towners. While locals have worked long and hard on this event, our out-of-town friends really help it to run smoothly.

Volunteers and competitors appreciate the efforts of Southwest Spring Week’s number one instigator, club president Cristina Luis.

Peg Davis, Day 1 meet director

Results (pdf)

Splits on Attackpoint

Routes and maps on Livelox

Day 2
Javelina Hustle

We had a record crowd for this year’s Javelina Hustle! Another sunny day with lots of smiling faces. 
Thanks to Heather McLean for a full day of registration, e-punch, general set-up, etc; Sue Wenberg for registration and t-shirt management; The Boy Scouts from El Paso for parking management, general set-up, map prep, finish chute construction, etc; Jeff Brodsky for being parking chief; Mark Everett for help with control retrieval; Peg Davis for the beginner’s clinic; Cristina Luis for e-punch work.

Jeff and Nancy Coker, course setters/meet directors


Results (pdf)

Splits for yellow, short, and medium on Attackpoint:

Routes and maps on Livelox

Day 3
Cholla Chaser

First contact: Heather MacLean

Start: Cristina Luis, Melissa Trout, Jeff Brodksy, Lukas Luis, Caroline Luis

Control retrieval: Marcy Beard, John Beard, Galen Moore

Cristina achieved her goal of a handicapped event whose winner could not be predicted. As runners returned after finding the number of controls specified by their age and gender, our full demographic sweep trotted down the finish chute. 

Things sure have calmed down now that we’re on our third day. Most orienteers were visiting Catalina State Park for the second time this week, their epunch numbers were programmed into the system and the hysteria of finally getting to see each other after covid isolation was calming into enthusiastic conviviality. The weather kissed us again with warmish sunshine. Many people volunteered to help out when they registered for SWSW and more have pushed their way to the front of the line to lend a hand. Thanks so much! Your help makes this event possible. 

Peg Davis, meet director 


Cholla Chaser Official Results (pdf)

Explorer Results (pdf) - For those who didn’t complete the requirements for an official Cholla Chaser finish

Routes on Livelox

Day 4

We had an absolutely beautiful day at Ironwood with a challenging course set by Mark Everett. Thanks to Mark, who also set up the finish line and retrieved controls; Sue Wenberg for registration, starts and also helped cover for finishes;  Peg Davis helped with finishes, moral support, and entertaining us with her stories;  Dan Yamashiro, Marcy Beard, and John Beard retrieved the rest of the controls. John & Marcy also took all the aluminum cans with them to recycle. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Heather Mclean, event director

Results PDFs:
Ironwood Long/Short
Ironwood Explorer

Splits on Attackpoint

Day 5
Cave Creek

Day 6
The University of Arizona

As today’s event was an untimed training, there are no results to post for today. Thanks to Erik for course setting, Heather, Melissa, Peg, Heather, and KrisAnn for lots of organizational assistance, and Greg Friedman, Stephanie Ross, Ben Hard, and Mike McKeen for control retrieval.


Day 7
Greasewood Park

Big thanks to Peg Davis (parking), Kris Beecroft (sign in), Jef and Nancy Coker (registration). Control retrieval was efficiently handled by Catie Cuslidge, Joan D’Alonzo, Stephanie Ross, Ben Hart, and Mike Minium. Greg Friedman and Caroline Luis provided essential assistance with set up and tear down. Lukas provided entertainment.

The results are listed in “peg” order. Everyone received a point for going to the first control, so the  number of extra controls/clothespins is one fewer than the total score. Note that Joe Barrett was the only runner to actually collect seven clothespins. The other runners with 8 points decided to visit the extra controls as bonus orienteering.


Results PDF

Day 8
Buckeye Hills

Score and classic courses at Buckeye Hills (GPHXO)


Results on GPHXO site

Day 9
First Water

Classic courses at First Water (GPHXO)


Results on the GPHXO site


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